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On the back: Happy Birthday Harry! We hope you have a lovely day! Lots of love from Dewain and Lita xxx

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A clean, crisp and refreshing craft treat

ABV 4. 5 IBU 8


Based on a bottom fermented German bock with a longer rest period (lagering), this clear, light beer can easily be drunk alone or as an accompaniment with food.


Using a blend of two malted barleys to produce the classic appearance and behaviour of lager and added oats for flavour.This craft brew also includes a hop from the Czech Republic, used in the brewing of traditional Central European lagers and pilsners. Clean and crisp on the palate, with forward notes of citrus (grapefruit and lemon) and a lingering sense of aromatic earthiness and subtle spices.


Gan ddefnyddio cyfuniad o ddau haidd brag i gynhyrchu ymddangosiad ac ymddygiad clasurol lager a cheirch ychwanegol fel blas. Yn lân ac yn grimp ar y daflod, gyda blaen nodiadau o sitrws (grawnffrwyth a lemwn) ac ymdeimlad parhaol o ddaearoldeb aromatig a sbeisys cynnil.

Personalised Image Welsh Craft Lager

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