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Personalise our beer label!

Choose and image for the front and add a message to the side. For example:

On the back: Happy Birthday Harry! We hope you have a lovely day! Lots of love from Dewain and Lita xxx

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to email us your image and order number.


Try our version of a classic craft ale

ABV 45.1 IBU 36


A light, crisp ale, ideal to drink on its own, or as an accompaniment with food. Brewed with a lighter malt base and more floral and fruity hop flavours.


A blend of malted barleys, provides the depth of background flavour to carry the dual use of fragrant hops, for this classic craft ale. Based on an American Pale Ale, to create our unique version as a Welsh Pale Ale.


Smooth on the pallet with forward flavours of citrus (orange) and other fruits (apricot), complemented by subtle spice notes. Gently carbonated to enhance the floral bouquet and clean, crisp taste.


Cyfuniad o haidd brag, yn darparu dyfnder y blas cefndir i gario'r defnydd deuol o hopys persawrus, ar gyfer y cwrw crefft clasurol hwn. Wedi'i seilio ar Gwrw Pale Americanaidd, i greu ein fersiwn unigryw fel Cwrw Pale Cymreig.


Yn llyfn ar y paled gyda blasau ymlaen o sitrws (oren) a ffrwythau eraill (bricyll), wedi'u hategu gan nodiadau sbeis cynnil. Wedi'i garboneiddio'n ysgafn i wella'r tusw blodau a blas glân, creisionllyd.

Personalised Image Welsh Pale Ale

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