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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We are passionate about the production of craft beverages, of all types and our philosophy is to study and understand the history of craft distillation and fermentation in order to reintroduce forgotten ideas and flavours, alongside gaining inspiration for new and modern derivatives of classics.


Our Story

The AxelJack brand and brewery is an idea that the founders Craig and Ian have had for a while and when the opportunity arose, acted upon to bring the concept to life. Their shared passion for natural, high quality, chemical free, sustainable craft produce and beverages, was the motivation behind the idea to produce a range of brewed beverages and related food products, using natural ingredients.

From humble beginnings, as a microbrewery we hope that you will enjoy being part of our journey as we grow and add to the brand product range.

Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Some Of Our Clients

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Our Goals & Values

In our R&D section, we are always seeking new blends, ingredients and recipes for customers to enjoy. Once included within our product range, the QC overseeing our production processes, ensures consistency, delivering the same flavour experience again and again.

Our company culture is non-hierarchical and based on equality, openness, consideration, respect and continual improvement.

Our mission statement is to delight our customers, employees and stakeholders by relentlessly developing the business and producing craft beverages, related products and services, that have minimal environmental impact, while delivering first class performance in product quality, business, customer service and sustainability terms.

Our charter is to bring the enjoyment of authentic craft drinks to more people via sustainable environmental sourcing and production practices. Conceived, created and sold with care, equality, fairness and responsibility for the enjoyment of many.

Our core values are equality, excellence, integrity, honesty, respect, responsibility, reliability, sustainability & trust.

The above listed values are principles that guide our business. You are important to us, not just as a customer, or consumer. Our aim is to provide you with excellent craft beverages, produce and related merchandise, at fair prices, with a responsive, friendly and helpful service

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