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What Goes Into Our Beer?

A simple question



The largest ingredient by volume of course is water and almost half of the drinking water supplied by Welsh Water/Dwr Cymru comes from the Brecon Beacons mega catchment for water. The water is naturally soft and low in mineral salts, making it ideal for brewing lagers and Pilsner lagers in particular, showcasing the sharp bitterness of hops and the sweet biscuit of the malts.

Because of the natural softness of the water, there is no need to add chemicals to adjust Ph levels and further soften the water for brewing, thereby retaining the natural purity and flavour.


Malted barley and wheat are commonly used in the brewing of beer, although other ingredients can be used for their starch contents, such as corn, maize, oats, sorghum and rice.

The mix of malted grains provides the typical biscuit flavours used in beers and contributes to the various colours and clarity levels.

We only select from non GM strains of grain that are sustainably grown and farmed and wherever possible from organic sources.


We select from a variety of hops grown worldwide, to create the flavours in our beers and lagers. Sometimes classic and traditional combinations, alongside innovative and new variations to continue creating exciting, fresh beers. The mix of hop ingredients and timing of introduction during the brewing process.


Preservative Free

In addition we use no preservatives in our beers (Benzoates, ETDA’s, Glycols, sorbates, Parabens, Propionates & Sodium), as used in many popular brands of beer, because alcohol and hops are natural preservatives.

Focussing on social and environmental sustainability in addition to economic performance is an approach frequently referred to as the Triple Bottom Line..Which informs and shapes our decision making in relation to our choice of packaging materials.

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