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Brewing, Environment & Family - The AxelJack Brand & Logo

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

In the world of branding, a logo is more than just a visual representation. It carries and communicates the essence of a company, reflecting its values, aspirations, and story. The AxelJack's logo is a perfect example of this, born from a deep-rooted idea of family, care for nature, and a passion for brewing. In this blog post, we will share the intriguing origin and symbolism behind the AxelJack's logo, exploring the elements that make it unique and captivating.

The Creation of AxelJack's Brand ID & Logo

The AxelJack logo was conceived through the collaborative efforts of the founders, Ian Axelsen and Craig Jackson, the creators behind this venture. The logo embodies their shared vision and values about craft brewing, their passion for authentic beer, their concern for the environment and sustainability, combined with genuine customer empathy and strong family values.

here were numerous ways. in which these elements of the brand ID could have been communicated, but Ian and Craig also had very clear ideas that the creation of the logo should be, as much as possible, timeless and certainly not “on trend” which dates so quickly with the introduction of the next best thing. They also wanted to communicate a craft image and location of the brewery in Wales.

The Celtic Tree of Life

Following numerous discussions about the meaning and symbolism of the Celtic Tree of Life which is ultimately about the forces of nature combining to create balance and harmony. The branches reach for the sky, the roots reach down into the ground. A representation of the link between heaven and earth, mind and body and the never-ending cycle of life. It was agreed that this image would become an integral part of the brand logo.

The notion of the tree of life dates back to before it was important to the Celtic culture. It was a powerful symbol in many different cultures, including the Egyptian and Norse cultures. The very first Celtic Tree of Life example found by archaeologists is from the Bronze Age.

There is an old Norse legend of the World Tree “Yggdrasil” and it is thought that the Celtic culture may well have adopted their Tree of Life symbol from this. The Norse culture believed the source of all life on Earth was a worldwide Ash tree, which they called “Yggdrasil.”

The Celtic/Norse association also appealed and worked with Ian’s family and origins in Denmark and Craig’s in Wales.

Although our design inspiration, was from these early northern European cultural representations of the "Tree of Life" references can also be found in some of the main monotheistic faiths. For example Buddhists consider it the "Tree of Enlightenment", or the "Bodhi Tree". In Judaism, the Torah itself, is considered the "Tree of Life" also in Christianity where references are found in the books of Genesis, Proverbs and Revelations in the Bible and in Islam the tree in the Koran is used as an example for a concept, moral code and way of life.

Logo Symbolism

Family & Unity

The name "AxelJack" itself is a combination of the creators' surnames, Axelsen and Jackson. It symbolises the coming together of two families, united by their shared passion for natural, sustainable craft brewing. This fusion of family names represents the collaborative spirit and the strong bond between the creators and their shared beliefs and values.

The Tree of Life

A Powerful Metaphor and the central element of the AxelJack's logo. In which the designer has intertwined the trunk to represent the coming together of two families, their interconnectedness, shared beliefs, values and growth potential.

Bee & Hops

The finished design also includes hop flowers throughout the branches of the tree and a bee above the brewery name to symbolise the importance of pollinators in nature and the essential role that they play in the eco structure. The inclusion of a bee in the logo design layout also adds another reference to the use of honey in brewing. Bees are also a highly productive, communal animal, focused upon the development of the colony, therefore with the inclusion of the bee the logo also associates AxelJack's brand with these values.

Font Style

The choice of lettering followed the origin of the choice of imagery and our designer researched Celtic and Norse scripts to find a modern, legible equivalent, that would complement the design.

Logo Strapline

The phrase “Caru Cwrw Cymru” is Welsh for “Love Welsh Beer” and is important to the overall brand value by firmly establishing the origin of the beers produced.

Colour Scheme: A Fusion of Nature's Palette

The colours used in AxelJack's branding and beer labels are carefully chosen to create a harmonious blend that complement each other and resonate with the brand's ID to be instantly recognisable. The inspiration for the colour scheme comes from a ball of organic, dyed Welsh wool, which features over 50 different colours. Each hue was thoughtfully selected to reflect the diversity found in nature and evoke a sense of vibrancy and warmth.


The AxelJack's logo is more than a visual emblem; it is a symbol of family, nature, and the passion for brewing shared by its creators. The intertwined tree trunk represents the union of two families, while the bee signifies the values of endeavour, teamwork and the importance of pollinators in nature. The thoughtfully chosen colour scheme adds an organic touch, reminiscent of the diverse colours found in nature. Through this logo, the AxelJack brand communicates its commitment to quality, collaboration, and a deep-rooted connection with the environment.

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