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Choose and image for the front and add a message to the side. For example:

On the back: Happy Birthday Harry! We hope you have a lovely day! Lots of love from Dewain and Lita xxx

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to email us your image and order number.


WGA a taste of Wales

ABV 4.1 IBU 20


Similar to a pale ale, but with a difference. Again made with a lighter malt base and more fruity flavoured hop varieties. Not too strong with an ABV c. 4.1%


A carefully selected blend of malted barleys produces the attractive colour for this golden ale. A selection of British and American hops provide forward citrus flavours of orange mixed with a lingering sense of subtle spice notes. While the floral bouquet provides appealing aromatics of pine and magnolia.


Mae cymysgedd o haidd brag wedi'i ddewis yn ofalus yn cynhyrchu'r lliw deniadol ar gyfer y cwrw euraidd hwn. Mae detholiad o hopys Prydeinig ac Americanaidd yn darparu blasau sitrws o oren wedi'i gymysgu â nodau sbeis cynnil, tua'r cefn. Er bod y tusw blodau yn darparu persawrus o pinwydd a magnolia.

Personalised Image Welsh Golden Ale

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