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Hyggelig Stout Gift Set. 2 x 440ml Cans and a 1/2 Pint glass.ABV: 6.3% Hyggelig is a Danish word (adjective) from Hygge (verb) that that refers to experiencing a feeling of warmth, comfort and cosiness. Which is exactly what you will feel when you pour and enjoy this "hug in a glass" stout. Drink as a seasonal, or winter beverage, but can be served chilled all year round.


Tropical Stouts first originated in the West Indies (most notably the Caribbean) and Africa. This style was actually considered a variation of the Foreign Extra Stout (FES) until 2015, when the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) guidelines, deemed it no longer a variation of FES, but worthy of its own type classification.


Tropical Stouts, by definition, are dark, noticeably sweet, fruity, moderately strong ales with smooth roasty flavours without a burnt harshness. In other words, they are almost like higher gravity sweet stouts without any lactose undertones and more fruit esters.


East meets west in this version of a modern tropical stout. A single hopped beer, with traditional stout yeast, added citrus, has also been infused with flavours from Asia, via the inclusion of additional spices. Creating a delightfully refreshing and surprising stout.

Seasonal Gift Pack

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