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A craft version of a Czech classic

ABV 4. 7 IBU 35


Based on the original Czech pilsner recipe to produce a slightly spicier and hoppy lager, ideal for soft water brewing. This fairly dry beer can easily be drunk alone or as an accompaniment with food. Not too strong with an ABV c. 4.7%


A premium Pilsner combining a mix of malted barleys to produce a medium bodied, refreshing flavour with a sense of complexity. With a single varietal hop, from the Saaz (Noble Hop) family selected to provide bright forward citrus notes of lemon, lime and tropical fruits and lingering behind which is a subtle sense of spice laden aromatics. Producing a classic craft Pilsner.


Pilsner premiwm yn cyfuno cymysgedd o haidd brag i gynhyrchu blas corff canolig, adfywiol gydag ymdeimlad o gymhlethdod. Gydag un naid amrywogaethol, o’r teulu Saaz (Noble Hop) a ddewiswyd i ddarparu nodau sitrws llachar ymlaen o lemwn, calch a ffrwythau trofannol ac yn aros y tu ôl sydd yn synnwyr cynnil o aromatics llawn sbeis. Cynhyrchu Pilsner crefft glasurol.

Welsh Premium Pilsner

Expected next month!
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